Utilities Board

The Trussville Gas & Water Utilities Board holds regular monthly meetings. Please call ahead to have a matter placed on the agenda if you feel it needs to be addressed at the board meeting.

The City of Trussville organized the board as a municipal corporation to serve water and natural gas to Trussville and the surrounding areas; Trussville Gas and Water is the trade name for Utilities Board, City of Trussville.

The city council appoints Trussville Gas & Water board members for six-year terms. The current board members and their respective term expirations are:

Buddy Aydelette – December 1, 2020

Vice Chairman
Don Evans – December 1, 2020

Teddy Gilmer – December 1, 2024

Ed Smith – December 1, 2022

A. H. Wright – December 1, 2024