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All of our services are now available online. If a drive-thru visit is required, our new drive-thru hours are Mon-Fri, 8-12 and 1-5.

Bid Listings


Project NameBid DateStatusAdditional Details
Advent Circle Cutoff PVC Water Main Replacement05/21/2024OpenView Here
North Chalkville Gas and Water Main Relocation06/11/2024OpenView Here


Project NameBid DateStatusAdditional Details
20th Ave NE Gas Main Relocation Ph II05/09/2024ClosedView Here
Longmeadow Sector E Phase 2 Gas Main Extension04/30/2023ClosedView Here
Advent Circle and Advent Cutoff PVC04/02/2024ClosedView Here
Micklewright Road PVC Water Main Replacement03/21/2024ClosedView Here
Husky Parkway Gas Main Extension03/19/2024ClosedView Here
Gas Leak Survey 202403/01/2024ClosedView Here
Equipment Trailers01/24/2024ClosedView Here
Tank Inspection01/11/2024ClosedView Here
North Chalkville Water Main Relocation11/06/2023ClosedView Here
Debbie Drive Gas Line Replacement10/04/2022ClosedView Here
Commercial Building Painting09/20/2023ClosedView Here
Pivot Style Crash Rated Security Gate09/05/2023ClosedView Here
Fence Line Clearing08/23/2023ClosedView Here
Commerce Lane Gas and Water Main Extension05/09/2023ClosedView Here
2023 Gas Leak Survey05/01/2023ClosedView Here

To view older closed bids, contact Trussville Gas and Water Engineering Department at 205-655-3211.