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Don’t let winter sneak up on you!

Furnace Inspection

Even though it is still warm outside, winter is right around the corner. Now is the perfect time to have your furnace inspected by a certified natural gas inspector. Having your furnace inspected before winter means you won’t be stuck in the cold waiting for a repair crew along with others who didn’t plan ahead.

Why should you have your furnace inspected?

Prevention of Carbon Monoxide Leaks:

Natural Gas appliances are safe and reliable. However, carbon monoxide poisoning can occur if an appliance is operated in an enclosed space that has no access to fresh air or if a leak develops due to a damaged appliance. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas which is a by-product that is present whenever fuels such as coal, wood, propane or natural gas are burned. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause serious injury and even death. However, having your appliances checked by a natural gas certified inspector can prevent possible leaks.

Reducing System Breakdowns:

Just like any piece of mechanical equipment, the working life of a furnace will be extended with preventative maintenance. By having annual maintenance on your furnace and checking whether all the elements of the unit are working efficiently, small problems can be found before they become big problems.

Improved Function and Energy Savings:

Every part of your furnace is dependent on the others to have a system that works efficiently. Loss of efficiency could be due to dust, natural wear and tear, or buildup on drains or burners. If any part stops functioning properly, the system will demand more time and energy to work. This additional energy usage will show up on your monthly utility bill. Inspections of your furnace and other appliances can help increase efficiency so it will take less energy to maintain indoor comfort.

Keeping your natural gas furnace maintained by a professional natural gas inspector will help eliminate potential problems that may leave you in the cold this winter!