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Home Remodeling: Converting to Natural Gas

Natural gas is America’s most popular choice for space heating, water heating and cooking. Clean-burning natural gas is better for the environment than all other fossil fuels, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Natural gas is also usually less expensive than electricity. If you’re remodeling, converting to natural gas equipment and natural gas appliances just seems natural.

Getting started

So, how do you begin the conversion process? Start with these steps:

  1. Lay the groundwork. If you don’t already have natural gas appliances in your home, contact your our customer service department to find out if there are accessible gas lines near your property. If gas is available, ask about running a service line from the natural gas main to your home and having a meter installed.
  2. Get a line. Request estimates from multiple contractors for installing gas lines within your home.
  3. Size up the situation. Determine the capacity rating you’ll need for gas equipment, such as a furnace and water heaters, as well as natural gas appliances. Consult with contractors, installers and equipment manufacturers for help. This information will be critical in properly sizing the gas lines that will serve the equipment.
  4. Go shopping. Purchase natural gas equipment and appliances. Consult with a qualified contractor about a furnace and water heater. Go to your local home improvement store to look for natural gas stoves, dryers and other appliances. Look for the ENERGY STARĀ® label. ENERGY STAR appliances are more efficient than standard models.

It’s easiest to install gas lines in homes with a basement. A crawlspace or cement slab present unique challenges that could increase the cost of installation. Also, remember to call 811 before beginning any project that involves digging to have underground utility lines marked.

We can help

We offer a natural gas rebate program to our customers to help assist with the cost of purchasing and installing natural gas equipment and appliances. For additional information about our rebate program, visit us HERE or call our customer service department at 205-655-3211 with questions.

Whether you’re building a new home or embarking on a major renovation, Natural gas provides comfort and convenience while helping reduce your energy costs.