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Home Renovations: Converting to Natural Gas

Home renovations often require adding or replacing appliances and equipment. For example, a home addition can increase space heating demand, causing the need for a larger furnace, while a kitchen update may include a new stove. If you’re considering a remodeling project, low-cost, clean-burning natural gas is the right choice for today’s environmentally conscious homeowner.

The green energy choice

Natural gas is environmentally friendly because it burns cleaner than other fossil fuels. Coal-fired electric power generation produces carbon dioxide emissions at more than three times the rate of natural gas, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Using natural gas in appliances and equipment can significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions caused by electricity generation. For homeowners concerned about their impact on the environment, natural gas is a cleaner energy choice.

Making the switch

Home renovations are never easy, but the benefits of natural gas appliances and equipment make the difficulties easier to bear. The following tips will help make the transition go a little smoother:

  • Contact a qualified plumber or technician to coordinate with your remodeling contractor about installing additional gas lines in your home.
  • When installing a gas furnace or water heater, work with your contractor to make sure the unit is sized correctly. A new bathroom or newly finished basement can affect water heating or space heating demand.
  • Consider installing natural gas convenience outlets. Similar to an electric outlet, they allow you to easily and safely connect natural gas appliances and equipment.
  • Electric forced-air furnaces are relatively easy to convert to natural gas because most of the existing ductwork can be reused. Similarly, electric hydronic heating systems can easily be converted to a natural gas boiler.
  • Natural gas stoves offer instant heat, greater heat control and simplicity in cleaning.
  • If you have a wood fireplace, consider running a gas line to install a natural gas unit. Gas models provide the atmosphere of a traditional fireplace without the mess and hassle associated with wood.
  • When purchasing natural gas appliances and equipment, select models that are ENERGY STARĀ®-qualified. ENERGY STAR appliances are up to 30% more efficient than standard models.

Whether you are making a few small changes or a major renovation, adding natural gas appliances and equipment can improve home comfort, while reducing your energy use and your impact on the environment.

Trussville Gas & Water offers a rebate program for making the switch to Natural Gas. For information on our natural gas rebate program, click HERE.