Is Bank Draft Right for You?

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Do you want to spend more time enjoying your summer and less time paying your utility bill?

Trussville Gas & Water has a bank draft option that may be right for you.

What is bank draft?

Bank draft is a simple way for Trussville Gas & Water customers to pay their utility bill without the hassle of writing a check, mailing a payment or calling with a credit card number.  Bank draft is an easy way for our busy customers to simplify their monthly utility bill payments and spend more time enjoying their summer.

How does bank draft work?

Once the bank draft paperwork is completed and returned to Trussville Gas & Water, your utility payment will be automatically transferred from your bank account to Trussville Gas & Water to pay your monthly utility bill.  You will continue to receive a statement to indicate your monthly payment amount and the payment will be transferred from your bank account on the due date indicated in the statement.  Bank draft is a simple and hassle-free way to insure timely payment of your utility bill.

How to apply for bank draft?

Congratulations on making the decision to simplify your monthly utility bill payment!  To enroll, click the link below and download the bank draft request form.  You will need to send the bank draft form to our offices, along with a voided check and a copy of your current utility bill.  Additional instructions can be found at the link below:


Are you still not sure whether bank draft is right for you?  Call our customer service department at 205-655-3211 and one of our friendly customer service staff members will be happy to answer your questions today.