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Reasons to Cook with Natural Gas

Cooking food over a stove flame

Are you interested in converting from an electric stove to a gas stove?  Keep reading for 5 good reasons to make the switch to natural gas.

 Professional cooks prefer the precise control of natural gas.

Because of its precision and temperature control, cooking with natural gas is preferred by chefs across the country.  Whether you are cooking for your family or for friends, you deserve the same precision and performance of natural gas.  When you are cooking with natural gas, you can turn down the flame and keep your food on the stove without the worry of overcooking.  It is a great way to keep your dish warm for your family to go back for extra servings!

 Natural Gas is dependable in a power outage.

In the event of a power outage, there is no need to order pizza for the family.  With a natural gas stove, you will be able to enjoy the same comfort, convenience and precise temperature control that you enjoy while the power is on. You may even want to invite your neighbors over for your warm, gourmet dinner.

Natural gas stoves are easy to clean.

With an electric stove, you must lift the unsightly burners to clean under them, or scrub the baked-on food spills from your flat cooktop while trying not to scratch the surface.  Natural gas stoves are much easier to clean.  With gas burners, you simply remove the steel grate, and wipe away crumbs and food while using a multipurpose spray to remove cooked-on spills.

Homebuyers prefer a natural gas kitchen.

Smart homebuilders know that a great kitchen can sell a house.  Realtors know that homebuyers are looking for the comfort and convenience of natural gas in their potential new home.  Installing a natural gas stove will open your home to potential homebuyers who are looking for the precise control of natural gas in their kitchen.

A natural gas stove provides more money in your pocket.

Who doesn’t want to save money on their utility bill?  Natural gas ovens are typically less expensive than electric ones as an upfront purchase, and using a natural gas stove is less expensive than using a similar electric model.  Additionally, Trussville Gas & Water offers a $100 rebate for our customers who purchase a new natural gas stove for their home making natural gas the economical choice for cooking.

For additional information about whether natural gas is available in your community, or about our natural gas stove rebate program, call us at 205-655-3211.