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Detecting a Natural Gas Leak Video – Long Description

Natural gas is safe, reliable and environmentally friendly, but leaks can happen. How can you detect natural gas leak? You need to look, listen, and smell.

Look for blowing dirt, bubbling water or dry spots near a gas line. You may also notice an area with dying plants around a gas line.
Listen for a hissing sound near your gas lines.

Smell for a rotten egg odor. In it’s pure state, natural gas is colorless and odorless. A scent called mercaptan is added to give natural gas a rotten egg smell.

If you suspect a natural gas leak, take action by leaving the area immediately. Never try to find or stop a leak. Don’t crank a car, turn on a light switch, and don’t smoke! Don’t do anything that could cause a spark.

Call Trussville gas and water at 655–3211, 24 hrs. a day to report a potential gas leak.

You can help keep your family safe by remembering to look, listen, and smell.