Drive-thru hours

All of our services are now available online. If a drive-thru visit is required, our new drive-thru hours are Mon-Fri, 8-12 and 1-5.

Do You Smell Gas?

What should I do if I smell gas?

In its pure state, natural gas is colorless and odorless. A scent called mercaptan is added to give natural gas a “rotten egg” smell. If you smell this natural gas additive in the air, leave the premises immediately; do not make calls or turn anything on or off. Once you have left the area, call Trussville Gas & Water (1-205-655-3211 or 1-800-755-3211) and/or the fire department to report the problem. Do not return until safety personnel have said that it is safe to return.

Do you smell gas? If so, leave the area immediately and go to a safe location.

  • Do not try to locate the leak.
  • Do not do anything that could cause a spark.
  • Do not use anything with an open flame.
  • Do not start vehicles.
  • Call 1-205-655-3211 or 911 immediately from a safe area.

Signs of a Natural gas leak:

  • Rotten egg smell
  • Blowing or hissing sound
  • Flames if a leak has ignited