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Selling Point: Natural Gas Dryers

Laundry rooms have become a must-have for many homebuyers, and natural gas dryers are a perfect choice for these rooms. So why choose natural gas over electric? Here’s why.

  • Natural gas is three times more efficient than using electricity to power appliances, because about 92% of the source energy is delivered directly to the home, compared to just 32% of electricity.
  • Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, producing up to 40% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electric generation.
  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission found that electric dryers are more likely to cause a home fire than gas dryers.
  • In general, the cost of electricity needed to dry a typical load of laundry is up to twice as much as a load dried using natural gas, depending on energy rates. Over a lifetime of use, those savings really add up.
  • Clothes are dried faster because natural gas provides instant heat. Thus, the homeowner spends less time on laundry. This also means natural gas dryers are gentler on fabrics.
  • Clothes are softer and fluffier because of better temperature control and moisture from the natural gas flame.

Advanced features

Many gas models contain advanced features — such as pilotless ignition, automatic shutoff and automatic cool down — that will be attractive to potential homebuyers.

Pilotless ignition saves energy and lowers operating costs. The flame doesn’t burn constantly, but only lights when the dryer is in use.

Automatic shutoff, which incorporates an electronic moisture-sensing device that turns the dryer off when the degree of dryness selected is reached. This can save up to 48 hours of drying time per year compared to electric dryers.

An automatic cool-down cycle helps prevent wrinkling of heat-sensitive synthetic fabrics and no-iron finishes. Wrinkles and static cling are also reduced because the heat dissipates quickly in a gas dryer.

A laundry room that contains a gas dryer with such features will help sell your homes faster.

The right fit

No matter what size of house you build, there will be a natural gas model that will fit both the laundry room’s dimensions, as well as the homebuyer’s drying needs. Sizes range from 24 inches to 29 inches in width with multiple drum sizes: compact, regular or large and extra-large.

For smaller homes, compact natural gas dryers require only about 5 square feet of space. Often, a stackable washer/dryer unit may provide the best fit for small laundry rooms.

Reach for the ENERGY STAR®

ENERGY STAR appliances are a must have for many of today’s homebuyers because they have been independently tested for energy efficiency and performance.

There are 120 natural gas dryer models listed on the ENERGY STAR product finder at a variety of price points. ENERGY STAR dryers use, on average 20% less energy than standard models. Pair this with an ENERGY STAR-certified clothes washer, and you’ll have a laundry room that will meet the needs of today’s energy and environmentally conscious homebuyers.

Trussville Gas & Water offers a rebate program to assist with the purchase of a Natural Gas Dryer. Visit our REBATE page for additional details.