Drive-thru hours

All of our services are now available online. If a drive-thru visit is required, our new drive-thru hours are Mon-Fri, 8-12 and 1-5.

Trussville Gas & Water is a public utility.

Opening the valve to Trussville’s Natural Gas Facility in 1947. Shown (Left to right) are Councilman John Yarbrough, Mayor Horace Norrell, Councilman George Glenn, and Councilwoman Mary Lou Farley.

Opening the natural gas valve in 1947 was the foundation to a sound economy for the city of Trussville.  Even in 1947, business leaders in Trussville understood the value of a public natural gas utility that would provide services to the homes and businesses in our community.  Because Trussville Gas & Water is publicly-owned, we are directly accountable to the citizens that we serve. By managing the utilities in our eight city service area, Trussville Gas & Water is able to control the rates as well as the reliability and quality of utility services provided to our community.

Advantages of a public utility include:

  • Local Control – Public gas and water systems are regulated by governing boards that are elected by their community to determine how gas and water are provided to area homes and businesses.
  • Competitive Rates – Public utilities are non-profit organizations whose rates are established by a locally appointed board of directors that meets monthly to oversee policies and manage costs that ensure low rates to the consumers.
  • Customer Service – Excellent service is available because local control helps maintain a close relationship with consumers.
  • Economic Benefits – Public gas and water utilities play a valuable role by creating local jobs and a large tax base for the community.

As a public utility, we are proud to be part of the American Public Gas Association (APGA) who helps us stay on top of current regulations and changes in the natural gas industry.   We work hard to provide the Trussville Gas & Water community with a safe and reliable natural gas and water system.