Drive-thru hours

All of our services are now available online. If a drive-thru visit is required, our new drive-thru hours are Mon-Fri, 8-12 and 1-5.

Budget Billing

For the convenience of our customers, Trussville Gas and Water offers a budget billing program. This program offers customers the opportunity to convert unpredictable, seasonal gas and/or water bills into 12 equal, monthly payments.  This program is especially helpful to our customers on a fixed income.

Any customer who has at least a 12-month billing history on a Trussville Gas & Water account may qualify for budget billing.  The account must have a current zero balance to start the program.

A customer’s budget billing calculation will be based on the previous 12-month history of their account and the monthly amount billed will be an average of usage on that account.   A customer who participates in the budget billing program has an equal monthly payment each month.  The payment paid during lower usage months helps pay for the higher usage months so the customer can enjoy equal monthly payments.

Budget Billing Example

In the below example of a sample customer, this budget billing example shows how the actual monthly bill varies based on monthly usage.  However, the budget amount remains fixed. 

Once enrolled in the budget billing program, a customer’s account must remain in good standing and payments must remain current.  If the account is not paid in full each month, the account will be removed from budget billing and all amounts will come due in full at that time.  Budget billing will be evaluated periodically and may be adjusted based on your usage.

Budget billing may be cancelled at any time.  However, there will be a 12-month waiting period before the budget billing program can be reinstated.  Also, if the plan is cancelled, the total balance on the account will become due in full at that time.  Budget billing can be canceled by contacting our customer service department.

To discuss whether budget billing is the right option for you, please call our customer service department at 205-655-3211.  We will be happy to answer your questions or calculate your potential monthly payment if you are a qualified budget billing candidate.