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Community News Update Temporary Water Outage

Community News Update - Construction Sign - Water Outage Saturday

In January, we reported that Trussville Gas & Water would be replacing 2.5 miles of water pipeline down US 11/Gadsden Highway from approximately Water Oak Drive all the way to Little Cahaba Creek near Carrington. This will be a 10 month project which will include some temporary lane closures on Gadsden Highway and some temporary interruptions in water service.

This Saturday, April 21, our service teams will be installing three new valves in our existing water line to prevent future widespread interruption. Because of this maintenance, approximately 900 residents along the US11 route will experience some temporary interruptions in water service. Water service from the Saddlewood Subdivision to Holy Infant Catholic Church may be impacted. These interruptions should take place between 9AM and 4PM on Saturday. Specific subdivisions to be affected are Peppertree and Stockton. Additionally, the Ned Paine Industrial Park will be without water service during that time. We will run a bypass line at the Sunrise Ridge Assisted Living Center, so that facility should not be without water on Saturday.

We make every effort to communicate outage information to our customers in a timely manner. We are sharing this update with the community through our Trussville Gas & Water website, our Trussville Gas & Water Facebook page, and the Trussville Tribune is sharing this information as well. Additionally, we have large signage at the entrances of each of the effected subdivisions to notify the residents of those communities so they can plan ahead for this temporary water outage.

Again, this outage is only temporary. However there are a few things our water customers can do to prepare in advance:

  • ┬áHave plenty of drinking and hand-washing water available. Fill containers with water, or purchase some bottled water in advance.
  • ┬áConserve water by only flushing waste. Most toilets will continue to flush as long as the bowl can be filled. Have some water handy to manually pour water into the tank and limit use of toilet tissue during this time. Once the water service is restored, the toilet should flush as normal.
  • Plan showers around the outage. Water service should be restored by early afternoon, so take showers before 9 am, or plan to have showers in the evening.

There will be NO interruption in natural gas service on Saturday.

Trussville Gas & Water will have updates available on their Trussville Gas & Water Facebook page. Please follow the Facebook page to stay on top of the latest information.

We have been serving Trussville and the surrounding areas as your local natural gas and water utility since 1951. Please pardon our progress as we strive to provide the safest, most reliable natural gas and water system possible.