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Ease into Back-to-School Season with the Help of Natural Gas

by Natural Gas Genius

As students prepare to return to classrooms across the country, there’s no better time than now to make sure your home is ready for the hustle and bustle of back-to-school. Juggling schedules, schoolwork, meal prep and activities is no easy feat. That’s why you’ll need a home energy source that can keep up with your lifestyle and busy household without breaking the bank. Your family can rely on affordable natural gas for its unmatched convenience and efficiency.

Getting ready for a new school year can be expensive, especially after purchasing new clothes, backpacks, and supplies. It’s important to make every dollar count which is one of the many benefits of direct use of natural gas. With annual savings of up to $1,000, you can stress a little less about buying those new sneakers or lunch box.

During the first week of school, schedules can be hectic. From rushed mornings getting out of the door on time, to busy evenings after a long day of work, the efficiency of natural gas can help make your day easier. With little time to get a warm breakfast on the table, the immediate heat provided by direct use of natural gas will ensure you don’t waste any time waiting for a pan to warm up before you can make the family some fluffy pancakes. The extra time you’ll save means you can focus on what matters most, extra hugs for the kids before leaving the house.

After a long day of work and school, you may be tempted to order takeout but, don’t forget you can save time and cook with ease on your natural gas grill. Plus, the added ambiance and relaxing meal is sure to help chase away those end of summer blues. Here’s a pro tip: with all the time you’ll save on dinner prep and clean up, you can treat yourself to a warm shower or bath to wind down after a busy day.

Those first few weeks getting back into a regular routine can feel difficult which is why it’s important to make sure your energy source can keep up with your busy schedule. Hit the ground running this school year by upgrading to natural gas. To learn how you can make the switch, visit Additionally, Trussville Gas and Water is glad to help ease the cost of your new appliances by offering our customers a natural gas appliance rebate program. For additional information about our rebates, click HERE.