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Is news about an increase in heating costs bringing you down?

Despite recent headlines about double-digit spikes in gas prices this winter, our 24,000 natural gas customers shouldn’t expect to see those kinds of drastic increases on their bills.

Recent predictions by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) suggest the average American household will spend up to 30 percent more on natural gas this year than they spent last year.  The EIA’s prediction is based on higher wholesale prices and forecasts of colder weather this winter.

Our team at Trussville Gas & Water is analyzing this data to determine the impact on our system.  The purchase of gas itself is just one part the cost.  There are additional variables associated with natural gas pricing including, the costs to transfer gas from the pipeline to local homes, costs associated with reading meters, processing payments and maintaining service lines. While the cost of gas will fluctuate based on the market price, the cost associated with these additional variables will not change.

Our board of directors is regularly reviewing the natural gas data and will make every effort to absorb some of the impact of potential price increases.  The board’s natural gas buying strategy is designed to help protect our customers against large market fluctuations.  Therefore, we expect the rate increases to remain at 8.5 percent or lower.  As fuel prices rise across the nation, we will continue to research ways to avoid passing these increases on to our customers.

Although we are making every effort to mitigate a significant increase, the greatest impact on bills will not be based on gas prices, but rather the unpredictability of winter weather.  As you prepare for the coming winter weather, click HERE for some additional cost savings strategies to consider.

For our fixed budget or lower income customers, there are several agencies that offer assistance in paying utility bills.  Some of these agencies are listed on the Trussville Gas & Water website.  Click HERE to view them.

We will continue to provide energy costs that remain lower than those of some other local natural gas companies in our area.  It is always our goal to provide safe, reliable and affordable natural gas service to the Trussville Gas & Water community.